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Can you/How do you get a virtual interview with a college?

I am planning on applying to, as well as 3 other safety schools, Cal Poly SLO. I have heard of people being interviewed at colleges in the past before/along with their application. I was wondering if due to the pandemic that still happens virtually, and how you would go about getting one. I didn't see anything about interviews for high school students on their website and I'm wondering if that's even a thing.

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Cal Poly doesn't interview

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So for schools that offer interviews you'd typically email either the admission office or better yet your regional representive.Youd likely say something like I submitted my application and if possible Id be happy to do an interview. Feel fee to contact me at email and phone to schedule one. Of course this is a very basic template but should be good.

Hope his helps and feel free to comment for clarification.


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