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How do B's impact your chances of getting into Stanford?

I really struggled with distance learning and other personal issues this year, which resulted in me not doing too well in some of my classes. Because of this grade dip, I will likely end the semester with 2 B-'s and 1 B (just for reference 2/3 of the classes are advanced). Will this severely impact my chances of getting into Stanford?

*Just a note but I take extra classes online at a local community college, so my GPA isn't going to suffer as much cause I will have at least 9 of these classes by the time I apply. Also, I'm a sophmore.


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9 months ago

Hello and welcome to CollegeVine!

Regarding your question, top-tier schools focus primarily on your sophomore, junior, and senior grades and course difficulty. Three classes will likely not impact your GPA too harshly, but without more context into the rest of your grades prior to this, it would be difficult to make a final assessment. The most important thing you are able to do in this situation is recognize where you went wrong and improve in that regard, whether it was the difficulty of online classes or inabilities to focus due to external distractions. If these classes are vital to your future major (like one of the classes being an economics course and you are applying to Stanford for economics), then this may be a problem. However, if you are able to maintain a strong GPA (near straight-A's in the rest of your courses, especially junior year,) your grades should be strong enough for a chance at Stanford, provided you have accomplished the many other aspects of Stanford's wishes for prospective applicants.

If you really feel it necessary, you are always able to provide context for this slip in your grades in prospective supplemental essays if given the opportunity.

I wish you luck on your future academic endeavors and potential Stanford application!


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