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How do you calculate the chances?


Hello, I didn’t quite understand how your site works, can you give detailed explanation on how you calculate chances?

LOL! Coca Cola is not going to tell you their formula either. Next

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This is better to be answered by the people at for a ivy league school and others collegevine has a good idea about the average ECs, test scores and gpa among other data points then with a formula they use that data to compare your profile to the schools average then they derive a percentage chance from there.

Hope this helps and feel to ask for clarification

Well, what’s the formula exactly? Like Total Chance=Sat/Satmax+gpa/gpamax*acceptance rate smth like tgat
Doubt the site that calculates college chances would give you their formula for college chances...that's one of their primary offerings.
@Daryn I have no clue and that’s IP and they wouldn’t want to share it to protect thier website.
Also it’s vastly more complicated than that as it factors in majors extracurriculars residency et cetera. But it is the most accurate chancing program that I know of.
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Hi there! We aren't able to tell you our "secret formula" for chancing, but if you have questions about your personal chances, you can email us at, or attend one of our profile review livestreams. Hope this helps!