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QPA to GPA and weighted when in a tough selective public school

Thank you for the opportunity. If a student goes to a school like Union County Magnet High School, NJ and the QPA is an average of 90 which includes AP. Essentially the QPA does come out as out of 4.0 or 4.5 or 5.0 scale how would one compare with others. Of course, students from the same school who have applied to the schools across will be compared but how does one know of his chances? Similarly, if the councillors are no really clear will not be fair in the sense that all courses from grade 9 are Honors etc.

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You have nothing to worry about! Nearly every college will look at your transcript and recalculate your GPA to their scale. As long as you're confident with the rigor of the classes you took and the grades you got in those classes, you'll be fine.


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