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I need some help

i also go an internship and i for my senator what would that be under and what tier


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10 months ago[edited]

I don't believe I can give you the exact answer you want due to the vagueness of your questions context but collegevine has an employment category that gives examples of tiers for activities similar to this one.

Tier B:

I had a top tier paid internship i.e. a normal competitive college student level with a top tier US corporation like Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, or Goldman Sachs

Tier C:

I was an intern or page for a US Senator or Congressperson OR I had a paid internship with a major US corporation (again competitive with college students)

Tier D:

I had an unpaid internship at nonprofit or medium or larger sized business with substantial accomplishments (i.e. I led a project to upgrade payment processing or designed initiative that was actually used by the company)

Tier F:

I had paid employment with substantial responsibility at local small business e.g. assistant manager at yogurt shop OR I had an internship with state level politician

Tier G:

I had an unpaid internship at a local small business or government office

Tier I:

I had hourly paid work at local business e.g. as a cashier, waitress, or secretary

Try and match your level of involvement and achievement in the activity with the examples in each tier. I apologize for not being that helpful but I have some advice for you if you want it: I would recommend in order to get more accurate answers to your questions, try to make it more clear what your asking with a bit more detail and consider editing a questions before asking it again!


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