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Which sport is better for college and do i have an advantage

hello i am 6"6 and i play lacrrose and basket ball (varsity) which so collges prefer and do i have an advantage getting in by mentioning it or not


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11 months ago

So unless you are recruited to play a sport in college playing a sport is the same as any other similar activity in terms of impact on your college admissions profile. ECs are evaluated by determining your leadership/impact, impact on community and succes among a few other lesser factors.

10 months ago[edited]

I agree with @DebaterMAX, but would like to add that if you're interested in playing either lacrosse or basketball in college, you may still be able to do that without getting officially recruited. Depending on your skill level and the schools you're interested in, you may be able to try out for the team when you get to campus (this is called "walking-on".) This is more common at schools with Division 2 and Division 3 sports programs, but can definitely still happen at Division 1 schools.

The fact that you're 6'6" is probably very appealing to coaches, so I'd recommend you email the coaches (head coach, assistant coach, and/or recruiting coach) at schools you're considering and let them know that you're interested in playing on their team and want to learn about their recruiting process. If you're already a senior in high school, it'll probably be too late to get recruited for sports at this point, BUT an email to the coaches won't hurt. Let them know that you applied to their school, give them an overview of your athletic and academic profile, and mention that you'd be interested in trying out for their team if you get accepted and that's an option. If they are really interested in you as an athlete, they could potentially reach out to the admissions office on your behalf.


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