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β€’ 12/18/2020 at 07:45PM

Essay question

Hello, I am applying to mainly biomedical engineering majors for my undergraduate degree. In my essay, I am wondering if I should include any technical things I learned about BME and the commitments I made to the field of study. If so, should it just be a small part of the essay?

Thank you.

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β€’ 12/20/2020 at 07:15PM

I am assuming you are referring to your personal statement rather than a supplemental essay. You totally could include something about BME in your personal statement. Depending on what you included, it could certainly display your passion for the field. You want to make sure that any BME info you add is integrated into the essay and doesn't just sound like you added it for no reason. It should serve a clear purpose and flow with the rest of the ideas in the essay. As for how big of a part it should be, I would say it depends on your essay topic. For example, if your personal statement is about your work in a biomedical engineering lab collaborating with a professional researcher, you could obviously make it a larger part of the essay and add more technical information and stuff. If the essay is about your favorite food, BME would probably play a smaller role.