11 months ago
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Do I have to resubmit my essay to receive another review?

I would like to be able to choose how many reviewers I get for each draft. How can I do that?


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2 answers

11 months ago

Yes, you have to resubmit your essay to get another review.

How it works is that one person chooses to review your essay that you submit to a giant pile of essays that need to be reviewed. After your essay is reviewed, it's taken out of that pile so no one else will be able to review it unless you resubmit.

10 months ago

Yes, you have to resubmit your essay to get it reviewed multiple times. You just copy and paste it again as you would any other new essay and submit. You'll also have to spend Karma for each review, so I would recommend waiting until a time of day when the cost lowers down to 10 Karma rather than 20 or 30. As @DebaterMAX said, the price changes depending on how many essay reviews are pending. So, if there are very few essays waiting to be reviewed, the cost goes down to 10 Karma, sometimes even 0, but if there are a lot of essays waiting to be reviewed, the cost goes up to 20 or even 30. Just wait for a good time in the day, then submit your essay for review however many times you want to at that time. I've submitted the same essay for review multiple times as well, and I confirmed with College Vine that this is allowed. I hope this helped!


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