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Should I submit SAT score to Columbia?

Hi! I wanted advice on whether I should submit my SAT score of 1420 to Columbia University. I know it's not that high, but on the adjusted CollegeVine score range I miss the threshold by 10 points. For background information, I am an IB Diploma Candidate with a 4.3 GPA, Hispanic/Native American, and plann to major in architecture and art history. I am getting recommendation letters from my IB Spanish Lit, IB Visual Arts, and IB HL Math teachers. I worry my SAT score might bring my application down; any advice?

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According to CV, you should only submit your SAT score if you are within 60 points of the lower 50% percentile range.

For the last admissions class of 2024, Columbia admits had an SAT range of 1500-1560 for the middle 50%.

That means that you would need 1440 to submit. Please click on the link if you want to verify what I'm writing about.


My dad's an architect and he mentioned that if you study architecture at Columbia (which is the school I just got accepted at), you will get a BA but will have to apply for a MArch which is a 3.5-year graduate degree to become an architect. Schools that offer that kind of program are Columbia, Harvard, and MIT. However, if you really want to become an architect sooner, think about applying to a 5-year Professional degree BArch program. And for those, Cornell, also an IVY league is consistently ranked #1 in the country. And I believe you can simultaneously earn a fine arts Bachelors in Art History as well.


Here is a link to the very best undergraduate architecture programs in the country put out by Architectural Record which is the gold standard professional publication that architects subscribe to. All the other lists are not credible. This one is done each year by practitioners.


Not to plug Syracuse at #5 but my dad went there and was able to earn the B.Arch and BS in Business concurrently in the 5 years. If you are not aware of undergrad prof. arch. programs, look into them. They are highly competitive and usually only take about 10% of their applicants and are recognized as one of the toughest degrees you can take because it's pretty much hands-on from your first week on campus.

Good luck with your college admissions journey.

10 months ago

I definitely would! Your other stats are amazing — I know someone who got into Columbia with a much lower score :)


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