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Are the transcripts need to be signed or/and stamped before sending to Common App ?

I don't know if my transcripts have to be printed, signed or stamped, and then scaned to the PDF file, or they just can be sent normally without signature via counselor's email ? (because I'm international student and my counselor (headmaster actually) don't know about the process)

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10 months ago

Your Transcripts need to be typed and then printed. After this, You need to get the signature of your school counsellor and/or headmaster and/or school principal. Along with this, the transcript should have the school stamp on it along with your basic details as well as school basic details like name address, phone number, p.o box etc. Once u have taken the sign of all the required people and gotten it stamped. You should scan your transcripts and send that pdf file to colleges either through an application portal like the common app or via the counsellor's email.

Hope this helps!


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