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Can I put being a student rep. for my school district's Covid-19 review plans in my Awards/Honors section?

I work for my student newspaper and got involved in Covid-19 policies with school systems this summer, so I reached out to my school district officials about getting involved and possibly helping. My superintendent then invited me to be part of a team of staff members, parents, and other people reviewing and trying to look at problems with the initial plans for my schools pandemic response. The official name for the group was the AASD Safe School Re-Entry Review Team.

To me, I think this was a 'unique' experience I want to share with colleges, but feel this is not so much an academic award as a volunteer thing, however I was specifically selected and other students weren't... I didn't spend as much time on this as some of my other activities so I don't think I can fit it in my "Activities" section. Any suggestions where I can mention this, besides my essays?

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3 years ago

I think this is a volunteering activity and not an award nor an honor. You mention that you reached out to your school district about getting involved and helping so that clearly is volunteerism. Then you found yourself in the middle of some kind of task-oriented team so you become officially part of the community service organization. This role is not very different than being on a school board DEI committee.

If this doesn't fit into the 10 slots you are given on the Common Application or the 8 slots on the Coalition App, clearly, you have some very impressive ECs to share and write about. If find yourself having to cut this from your EC list then I would write about it if you felt that without the admissions officers reading your file including this information, they would not get the full and complete picture of who you are and what your character is about.

Hope that is helpful.

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