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Does revising essays count as community service for my school?

I am in 10th grade, and I am wondering if peer editing essays will count as community service. I contacted my counselor and she said the organization has to be non-profit and a supervisor has to fill a form. If it does count, will any supervisor be kind enough to fill out my community service form?

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6 months ago

So I presume you are talking about doing it on collegevine? If so it wouldn’t count as there is no supervisor it’s more do an essay in an hour or less. Also collegevine may not be a not-for-profit company as I know they participate in venture capital funding. Reviewing essays just takes you and no one else (besides the submitter of course).

TLDR it doesn’t count.

6 months ago[edited]

Hi there! Our Peer Essay Review feature unfortunately doesn't count as community service. Community service is when you give your time and effort to a good cause, and receive nothing in return. On our platform, reviewers receive karma, which they can then use to get their own essays reviewed. It's more of an exchange.

Furthermore, the users on this platform aren't necessarily "in need." For example, if you were to review essays for free for lower-income folks, that could count as community service (it sounds like you'd also need a supervisor for it to count, though).

For more community service ideas, see this post: https://blog.collegevine.com/online-community-service-for-high-schoolers/

Hope this helps, and thanks for being part of our Peer Essay Review community!


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