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What are competitions related to science (preferably medicine and biology) a high schooler can participate in?

I'm a freshman in high school who's interested in medicine and biology. I was wondering if there were any science competitions (preferably medicine and biology based) that would be able to help me deeper my understanding in this field. I've participated in competitions like Science Olympiad during middle school, and also looked into HOSA - if that helps shed any light to previous experience I might have. I know with the situation right now many competitions have been halted, so even those I could apply in as a sophomore or older would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, and I hope you guys stay safe. :) .

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2 years ago

Hey! I am also a freshman in high school interested in biology and medicine! A competition you could be interested in besides HOSA and Science Olympiad is the National Science Bowl, where you put together a team and get quizzed on all things math and science related. Another one is the Conrad Challenge, where you try to find a solution to a problem and there are eight categories, medicine being one of them. You might also want to think about Medical club or SNHS (when you are an upperclassman) or possibly starting them if your school doesn't already have them! I hope this information was helpful and good luck in all you do!

2 years ago

I dont know if its available but my school one of the best and biggest in a midwest US state has a nureoscience club that competes i dont know if your school would have something like that but its worth a shot


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