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Question about Northeastern

I heard some rumors that NU has planned to raise their ranking in U.S News and other ranking institutions. Is that real? Does it suggest that they are bad school?


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• 11 months ago

I don’t believe there is a single school that doesn’t want to increase thier rank as cp said. Also NE is definitely a good school. Just keep in mind that rankings aren’t everything especially school wide rankings.

What you should care about instead of rankings is the outcomes as in graduates of x school have a starting salary of $x and a graduation rate of y%. Also as I hinted if you want to use rankings try to do it by major as a school overall always has specialities. As for evaluating the overall school know what statistics are important to you let’s say teacher student ratio and graduation rate.

You’d use those stats alongside other data/opinions about a school to decide where to attend. Rankings are near useless if you don’t picture yourself there when you consider the campus environment the town you are in along side a multitude of other factors.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

• 11 months ago

Of course it's real. Every school is guilty of manipulating the things they can control in order to increase their rankings. For instance most elite schools brag about their student to faculty ratios which is a factor in the rankings. They might also brag about graduation and retention rates which are also factors. Even the degrees of the faculty that they hire is a factor. So does making an effort to increase any of those things make NU a bad school? I'd argue that it would improve the school which is already a very good university at its current ranking in the top 50.


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