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Is an associates degree enough to start out with as any type of nursing career?

I’m a senior in high school wanting to pursue psych nursing

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10 months ago

While an associate's degree in nursing is the lowest-level nursing credential, you can still get a nursing job with it. An ADN (Associate's Degree in Nursing) qualifies you to take the necessary exams to become a RN (registered nurse).

So yes, it is possible, but I would recommend that you continue on to earn your bachelor's degree as well. A BDN will give you a more comprehensive background in nursing, and give you more job opportunities and higher pay. It will also allow you to advance more; you would be more likely to be chosen for a selective job or a promotion with a BDN than an ADN.

Nurses are in high demand right now. Most professionals agree that you should be able to easily find a nursing job with an ADN, but it will limit your opportunities for advancement.

Hope this helps!


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