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Hello do you think this is a good honors and would it help my chances

Hello i am a sophomore and interested into the field of finance their are two online courses i want to take and they are know in the industry it is a wharton finance and wallstreet prep do you think that would be a good award and will that help my chances of admissions.

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So online skill courses are highly overrated as they provide near zero benefit in admissions. The main thing they do is to essentially “verify” your interest in an activity when there is other and likely better ways of verifying it that’s also more impactful in admissions.

(Comment if you’d like an example.)

In essence even with a completion certificate there’s not much going for it as one of the hallmarks of a good thing on a application is success in a selective field (comment for an example). Essentially there’s no barrier to entry (besides pay and that’s even worse) so literally anyone can say they did it and saying you passed doesn’t mean much as the course is (from my understanding) something you do at your own pace.

I would like to note that there’s no con to doing it as a non application based thing as it can be useful for exploring finance but it’s not something that would be good on your application.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

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