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Is Model U.N. a good extracurricular to have, even if it is not necessarily a passion of mine?

Sophomore :)

@alohomoraa year ago

If it isn't really a passion, I would recommend against it. Holding a leadership position in a club you're truly interested in is much more valuable than just participating in Model U.N. conferences you don't particularly care about.

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a year ago[edited]

So I disagree with Ivy on this especially if you are in any of the filling categories

• You have no other clubs that you are even somewhat into.

• You are interested in Law/Pol Sci.

• You have a noticeable achievement in it such as doing well at state or competing nationally.

I’m likely biased but as a debater myself I’d definitely think it’s a good EC to do as it’s not just the geopolitical aspects that you are dealing with its collaboration with the research you do as a team, your oral and organizational skills among others.

But if you downright hate it or at the least strongly dislike it definitely drop it so you don’t figuratively harm yourself or harm yourself mentally.

Also drop it if you get a better opportunity that’s more related to your eventual goals like if you want to be a doctor and you get the opportunity to intern at a clinic inplace of MUN go for it. Or even if another EC has a bigger time commitment especially if that one is a leadership position for you.


Also to rebuke @ivy there’s no easy way to blanket say a club is bad as it’s all about the accomplishments that you achieve especially if a club is heavily individual based and varies by region. (Feel free to ask me for examples)

Really hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

PS: I don’t participate in MUN so can’t say things regarding it with certainty but as a debater I consider myself highly knowledgeable about it and there’s a significant amount of overlap between the 2 from what little I know of MUN.

a year ago

Model UN isn’t really that impressive of an extracurricular, because so many high school students are involved in it. Model UN, debate, HOSA, and service clubs can be great extracurriculars but you will really have to work to stand out against the sheer volume of people who do similar activities. If you are the founder and president of a Model UN, or you won national awards in Model UN, or started an initiative to change the Model UN at your high school, it is impressive. However, if you are interested in it, please join the club. All I am saying is that there isn’t too much value from a college admissions standpoint.

a year ago

Yes, it looks good on your transcript. Colleges look for students who are more involved and participate in activities in and outside of school.


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