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Columbia University asks a question on Common App and I'm not sure how to answer it

Columbia University is asking this question:

"How many people are supported within your household including yourself (e.g., parents, siblings)?"

I'm unsure how to answer it because most universities ask how many people are dependent on your parents but here it says supported within your household and they put parents and siblings in the bracket. So should I add them to the number as well or count them out?

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9 months ago

They consider a "household" one financial entity so if you have say 1 parent and 1 brother or sister plus you that's 3 people.

If you have 2 parents, grandparents, and 3 siblings plus you, that's 8 people supported in your household.

If you have 2 parents and you and 3 siblings but 2 of them have their jobs and their own apt, and 1 is in college, well that's 4 supported in your household.

Hope that makes sense.


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