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Is the site only for US residents?

While filling my profile I noticed that there are only US states and in the ZIP code blank it accept only USA's states. Does it mean that if I am from another country, I cannot use fully the website, namely, create profile and ask for help counselors?

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3 years ago

There are 2 parts to Collegevine. 1.) The free part is accessible by anyone. So you can create a profile and post questions and get an essay reviewed and make college lists and see how your chances fare based on your input data. Also, the streaming "how to write" certain college-specific essays and college overviews are free and open for the public to watch. 2.) The pay part of C.V. which provides expert college counselling.

Since all the colleges in the database are American colleges, the bulk of members both paying and non-paying are Americans as well. The tools are designed to work with the most common types of American tests, grades, coursework and ECs. If you are an international applicant you will have to stub in data that is in your local language such as transcript information and have the coursework and grades translated into American unweighted GPA etc. You will have to decide how to rank your extracurriculars or ask for help with that section. Also, International students often have very limited access to financial aid and scholarships so some of the costing information may not be germane to your situation.

The best way to access C.V. is to both create a profile, make lists of colleges and then go to each college website and do your own research for how they work with International students both for admissions requirements, scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

99% of the Questions and Answers are addressed by your peers or HS students. There are some C.V. employees that enter the Q&A to sort out incorrect information, settle disagreements, answer difficult questions or questions left unanswered or if a C.V. member wants to use Karma (which is the currency on here) to have C.V. opinion versus as Student opinion. If you have deeper questions or need a strategic plan, guidance, etc. you can opt for hiring C.V. experts just like any other consultancy.

I don't know how many non-Americans have profiles here but perhaps it's in the 5-10% range.

Good luck.

3 years ago

So Cameron answer is amazing but to expand on some of the info about the site and general international aid help.

Almost all notable schools will have atleast one admission officer responsible for international admissions reach out to schools you are interested in and ask to be connected. They can be huge help. Also there a multitude of websites that can help guide you as an international applicant especially for customs related issues.

One last thing to note is that the Chancing engine is something to almost entirely disregard until they add international applicant support and that’s not in the foreseeable future.

3 years ago

Nope, your good!

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