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Common App Categories

What are the categories in the common app to put Ecs, awards, and other courses. I know that there is an Ec section and an awards section, but are there any more places to list your accomplishments? Thanks.


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There is an "Honors" section, and an "activities" section. For summer courses, you put that in your "courses and grades" section and there will be an option that you will select that says it is a summer course. As I understand it, you can still put it in even if it was not accredited by your school. Just put "0" for credits received. If it was accredited however, especially if it was a college course, make sure to tell your counselor about it so they can put it on your official transcript.

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I can’t tell what specifically you are asking so from my 2 interpretations I’ll put answer to both. (I think it’s the first one but not 100% confident.)

Interp 1: Where else can you list accomplishments besides extracurriculars and awards?

The only other place to list them is the additional information section but talking about it in an essay is also a great choice.


Interp 2: How do I fill out the common app activities section?

Some both awards and ECs fall under the “accomplishments” section which is near exclusively if not exclusively for EC and awards/accolades (I last accessed common app a month ago so not entirely sure). If you walk through the common app it should be largely self explanatory. But further help can be found here:



A few tidbits is that you should have your more impressive accomplishments under ECs not awards and that when it prompts you to pick a catergory in the EC it doesn’t matter what catergory as long as it’s somewhat related.


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