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Does it matter if you were elected or appointed to a leadership position?

So as a member of a club/org I was elected to a position on the student board. I’m filling out an application for a competitive award and it asks about my significant accomplishments so I’d like to list it. Would it be more impressive if I say I was elected to it or is it a detriment or is just plain not necessary?


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a year ago

Hopefully I am interpreting this correctly where you were elected but didn't make it into the position. In this case, I would say that you were elected to it but make sure that you back it up with reasonable evidence of why you were elected if possible. I know in my school that many club executives are elected based on popularity rather than contribution so make sure that your election is "true" as in you did stuff in there that got people to respect you. It shows that you may have contributed to your community or whatever idk but dont make you being elected seem random


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