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Do I have to add a citation to my personal statement?

Hi everyone!

I just finished my personal statement and I wanted to write something that is different from what you see and know about me so I wrote about my love for music. In my statement I included a lyric from the song that I love and I was wondering if I have to add a citation at the end of my essay. I also did not include the song title or the artist. Should I add that? Anything helps!

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7 months ago

Hey there!

Since you are only quoting a line from a song into your personal statement, you do not need to enter a formal citation for ur personal essay. However, you can write the name of the song and singer in brackets next to the lyrics ( something like an in-text citation, but u need not follow the in-text citation format). In my opinion, if the lyric only lasts one line, then citations are not needed. If they go on a little longer, mentioning the song and singer's name as a side note would be just fine.

7 months ago

You don't need a formal citation. But you should say something along the lines of "In the song [song name] by [artist],..." or something like that so readers know who wrote it and what it is. Don't just drop it in. Best of luck!


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