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How do I best express my interest for Cornell University's Milstein program?

Should I include it in my why Cornell essay? Or what if I don't get into the Milstein program? Will Cornell reject me because I only show interest in that specific program? Any advice on what you guys know about the program and how do I best express interest for it in my application?


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If you're passionate about the program, then you should write about it (along with other things, as Cornell has a high word limit for their supplemental essays). I would research online for how best to write the Cornell essay (I'm assuming the one about the college of Arts and Sciences), but you probably want to include why you're passionate about your major, what you want to learn, what Cornell offers that you're interested in (including the Milstein program), how you'll fit in at Cornell, and how that connects to your future goals.

Here are some resources I found:





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