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Does a research poster count as a research abstract?

Columbia University asked "Have you completed research with a faculty member or mentor in an academic discipline such as science, engineering or other academic interests (e.g., humanities, social sciences or languages)?" and I did so I clicked yes. It then asked me for the one page research abstract but I don't have that lengthy of a research abstract. The research that I have done with a professor is compiled into a research poster rather than a paper. What should I do?


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a year ago

You have to answer the prompt.

If you do not have a 1-page research abstract, then I would not submit a picture of a poster instead.

What I would do is either go back and unselect "YES".

Or I would ask the Professor if I could write a 1 page abstract about the research I did and submit that after he/she/they approved the piece.

Hope that was clear and helpful.


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