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12/25/2020 at 03:29AM[edited]

Does a research poster count as a research abstract?

Columbia University asked "Have you completed research with a faculty member or mentor in an academic discipline such as science, engineering or other academic interests (e.g., humanities, social sciences or languages)?" and I did so I clicked yes. It then asked me for the one page research abstract but I don't have that lengthy of a research abstract. The research that I have done with a professor is compiled into a research poster rather than a paper. What should I do?

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12/25/2020 at 03:38AM

You have to answer the prompt.

If you do not have a 1-page research abstract, then I would not submit a picture of a poster instead.

What I would do is either go back and unselect "YES".

Or I would ask the Professor if I could write a 1 page abstract about the research I did and submit that after he/she/they approved the piece.

Hope that was clear and helpful.

Accepted Answer
12/25/2020 at 04:02PM

This is a pretty thorough answer to this question. I imagine you will have difficulty getting in touch with your PI by the due date for the application, so if you're drafting a longer abstract than you already have, incorporate information from elsewhere in the poster (e.g. results, methods, and discussion, depending on what is salient about your experiments). Be sure to follow whatever formatting guidelines you're given, as that might change the length as well (e.g. double spacing if required).