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should I send in my AP scores while international?


I am applying as an international student. My school obviously does not offer AP courses, but I have attended one online in my free time. I got 5 on the exam. But from an outside perspective it looks as if I only have had one AP course because I cannot really express the circumstances while only sending in scores. Should I even bother with sending the scores?

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@EssayMan10 months ago

Talk with your school counselor and see if she can add the AP class to your transcript and give you credit for it. Taking an AP course in your free time and getting a 5 on it is also super impressive, so it could be a good thing to include in an essay. As I understand it, you do not need to send AP scores to schools (nor do they really expect it), until you actually decide to go there (so you can get college credit for it). If money for the score sending fee is not a problem for you, send it tho

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10 months ago

Yes! I was in a similar situation and sent it! What happens is that it won't look as if you had the chance of taking more AP courses since in the report your counsellor sends from your school it will indicate all classes offered, including that there are 0 AP classes offered at your school. This means that you are going beyond in academics and shows independent learning. It can only help your application.

10 months ago

So usally AP test scores aren’t at all useful in the college admissions process but as it self study that is definitely impressive.

As essay man said try asking your counselor if you can get it listed on your transcript preferably with a not saying self study.

But more to the point if your school has no AP classes the college admissions officer will likely know that (your counselor should include it) so having no APs when no APs are offered essentially nullifies the importance of APs but with a AP test it improves your rigor so definitely mention it.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!


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