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How optional is test optional.

Hi, I am applying as an international student. My SAT score is 1380 and I am not sure whether or not I should submit this. I am applying to schools like Notre Dame, Williams, Rice, and Uchicago. Please advise.

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9 months ago

This admissions cycle CollegeVine suggests that you should submit your SAT score if it falls within 60 pts of the low end of the 50% percentile middle range. For example Notre Dame's class of 2024's middle SAT range was 1430 to 1540 so if you have a score of 1370 or above, CV suggests you submit it.

Williams was 1420/1540 so submit it.

Rice was 1470/1560 so do not submit it.

UChicago was 1510/1560 so do not submit it.

Hope that is helpful.

Good luck with your college admissions.

9 months ago

I would actually suggest NOT submitting your SAT score since it is on the lower end. Submitting your SAT score will ultimately hurt you.


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