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How does race of an applicant play a factor in the college admissions process with only specific schools and not others?

Since the beginning, I reported that I am Asian in the demographic category of CollegeVine. I have applied to 3 UC schools (UCLA, UCB, and UCSD). My UW UC GPA is 3.78 with 4 AP, 10 honors, and 2 college courses; I had all of these schools on my list to see my admissions chances.

My chances at the three UC schools were very slim at 'Long Reach' and 'Reach'. When I changed my demographic status to ’Prefer not to say’, my admission chances to the three UC schools increased astronomically. For example UCSD from 30% to a range between 62-75%.

My chance for UC's when reported Asian:

UCSD- 29%



My chance for UC's when reported *NOT Asian* (These are the highest %'s for each college):

UCSD- 75%



I know that UC schools don't factor in the race of an applicant in their admissions process, so why is this the case in CollegeVine?


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9 months ago[edited]

There should be no big difference in chancing results for UC schools since an amendment to modify CA Prop 209 failed to pass this November election, meaning that there is no prospect for UC Schools adopting affirmative action or other means to equalize representation of Black and LatinX students in their matriculated population.

In your case, I would use the 29/10/18% figures because your academic profile, albeit very good, isn't quite up to muster for top Berkeley and UCLA admits as you already know from doing your own research. Admits typically have a higher UW UC GPA and take more APs, like 7 to 10. 4 is on the light side for high achieving Asian American applicants.

Again, this just a cursory observation and you don't mention the quality or depth of your ECs, how great of a writer you are (essays), how well you tested on APs and other standardized tests even though they are optional this cycle.

Since there are so many high achieving SIS Asian males at UC schools, I feel the biggest competition are applicants who have the same demographic, race, gender, orientation as you, not Caucasians, LatinX, or Black applicants.

If you have the very best essays, recommendations, and ECs that will make a difference in this application. And it won't hurt if you were awarded a Merit Scholarship for the PSAT if you have such a thing.

Best of luck in your college admissions process.

(if it irks you, I'd contact support@collegevine to ask them whether they have a reason for the disparity when the UC system is race-blind.)

9 months ago

College Vine probably just doesn't have it in its programming that these specific schools don't factor in race since so many other schools do.


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