10 months ago
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Is it ok to do a supplemental essay in the form of a poem?

It would be for a school that instructs you to be creative when writing the supplements (Tufts), but the poem is still of amateur quality. It has a nice rhyme scheme, but I know that this is considered "juvenile".

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10 months ago

My rule of thumb when writing essays is to place "Substance" ahead of "Form".

If you can't write an impactful poem that 1.) Answers the prompt 2.) Gives meaningful insight into who you are and how you think. 3.) and does a better job than if you wrote it out in paragraphs like a normal essay, then don't do it.

If however, this poem becomes something greater than the "sum of the parts" then proceed and be proud to submit it.

It's like anything else you create. If you make a beautiful cake and it's not delicious, then it's not going to be memorable but if it's both beautiful and delicious, then you've done your best work.

Good luck with Tufts


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