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What are good majors and minors for pre-med outside of biological sciences?

What are good majors and minors for pre-med outside of biological sciences? Besides Biology or Biochemistry, I was thinking about majoring in Mathematics with Applied Medical Science (only offered at UCLA from what I have seen) or just Mathematics in general. My interest in English is also something I would like to pursue while in undergrad as well, so I may minor in English. Is this good? Please feel free to drop some other ideas.

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Public Health, Health Administration, foreign languages are also very helpful with patient care, Global Health, anything really. Honestly, it makes you stand out to not major in STEM, since many med-school applicants are STEM majors. Philosophy and ethics could also be a good option as it takes into consideration philosophy in medical treatment in some programs.

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We have a blog post that may help! https://blog.collegevine.com/is-pre-med-a-major/

It's actually great if you have a non-STEM major or minor, as that helps you stand out (more details in that post).

Also, @Mckellar, really appreciate your answer, but I had to delete it since it was too significant a portion of another website's article. We don't want to get hit for copyright claims or anything. In the future, feel free to link to the article :)


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