11 months ago
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ACT score submission! Quick!

I took the ACT + Writing and I only have my multiple choice score back, my first applications are due on the 1st and the writing score is coming out on the 7th. Can I not report the writing score?


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11 months ago[edited]

If you already purchased the score send, ACT will send the scores as soon as they're available. If you haven't, I would recommend doing that now. Schools are being much more lenient about when scores arrive with everything going on with COVID, so if you sent the score before the deadline, they should still look at the multiple-choice and writing scores. They should also be understanding about this ACT test being the only available one to you and understand that you can't control the writing score being sent later.

If you're talking about unofficial score reports through CommonApp or another application program, then no, you won't be able to report your writing score there. If the school doesn't require you to send official scores but you still want them to see your writing score, then you should send an official score report.


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