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Test optional or not?

So currently I am facing a dilemma. I am applying to multiple prestigious test opt colleges like Yale, uchicago, Vanderbilt,etc. I read on college vine that if my sat score is within that range, which for most of these are 1450,1470 to 1550. I only got a 1440 on my sat. Would sending this score be a good idea? Would it harm my chances if I sent my score to these schools?


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3 years ago

I looked up the last SAT 50% middle for the 3 schools you mentioned and they are the following

Vandy -1460-1560 Class of 2024

UChicago - 1510-1560 Class of 2024

Yale - 1470-1560 Class of 2024

College Vine suggests that if your SAT score is within 60 points of the low 25% percentile, then you should submit it.

Therefore, you should submit your SAT score to Vandy and Yale but not to UChicago.

I think that a good strategy since UChicago has had a test optional strategy for more than 10 years and is fully capable of evaluating applicants without test scores. And the ones that do submit test scores push up the stats. I feel that across the board, those reporting test scores will be pushing up the stats but this is an unprecedented year.

My last bit of advice is to make sure your essays are excellent. They are going to matter more than ever since there will be 20-40% more applicants applying to Top 20 schools as evidenced by EA,ED applications this fall.

3 years ago

This is just my opinion but I would send the score. If it's off only by a several tens of points, its fine like 1440 vs 1450? That is like nothing. I would even still send for the 1550 one since 1440 is nothing to scoff at. A 1440 might even be at the lower end of the spectrum for the 1550 school but idk. You should check but if you are still on the spectrum like if its near the 25th percentile for that school, I would say send it.

It would only do harm if its really off the mark for the schools but a 1440 is good for many schools.

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