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Are supplements necessary

Hi there,

Several of my schools have no supplements. However, I'm considering submitting one as part of my demonstrated interests. My question is, does it matter? Will AOs read it? If yes, should it be a 'why school' supplement or something else?


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In your case, because supplements are not required, I don’t think I would write them. However, I would email your admissions counselor to ask to input the additional information—this alone will express your initiative. Also, within the email, you can add a little element of “Why Us?” within the content (but keep it short). Some of my in-state institutions don’t require a supplement essay, just the Personal essay, but I believe that—by participating in virtual events, sending emails of “demonstrated interests” (and not too many), and engaged interviews—you can add that missing element to your application that other students may not or just won’t do.

In the case of any other “optional” supplement essays, always do them. I know you didn’t ask specifically for optional essays, but I’ll put this here as a reminder for anyone: Optional essays are there for the adcoms to see “how far you’ll go” with the demonstrated interest and how well suited you are for their college community.

Hope this helps!! Happy Holidays!

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If they don't ask for it, and there isn't even an an optional supplement, then don't do it. You will just look like you aren't following directions.


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