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Strong Language College programs

Are there any Virginia colleges with strong language programs? Especially German? I would like to major in German or in Linguistics, but I don't have many good options right now.

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a year ago

I dont mean to be a negitive nancy but if I recall correctly majoring in a foreign language isn't one of the better career outcomes. What Id do is either double/dual major in German/Linguistics and international business or something like that or minor in german/linguistics and major in international buisness/something else.

The DMV area is arguably the center fr international related majors so there's options like George Mason Georgetown American and Maryland-Collegepark to an extent. As for non DMV area schools JMU UVA W&M Old Dominion. VMI VCU according to my research don't have a strong language program but VTech I cant find if they even may have a german program as I just had difficulty finding it.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you'd like clarification.


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