2 years ago
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Is it possible to use Advocate even if you've already accepted your offer of admission?

I have already accepted my offer of admission to a college but I still would like to negotiate my merit aid scholarship. Am I still able to?

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2 years ago

Hi @Brandon,

If you have a change in your financial circumstances, you can always contact the financial aid office at the school you accepted your offer at and have your need-based aid reconsidered.

For merit aid, it's very unlikely that your scholarship will change after you've accepted the offer. If you're still concerned about your total package, having a conversation with your admissions representative from that school is a good first step. It definitely won't hurt!

If you're looking to enroll at a different college and negotiate aid, you're always able to withdraw from the original school and use Advocate for your other colleges. Remember though, you'll lose your deposit money and your spot at the original school, so we don't recommend this path.


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