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Which teacher should I pick to write my UVA rec letter?

Hi! I'm planning on applying to UVA RD (School of Architecture) as an in-state student and I am still undecided on which rec letter to send to UVA. 1 is required from a core subjects teacher and I don't know if I should choose my IB Spanish lit teacher, who I've known since sophomore year, or my IB HL math teacher, who I met this school year but have had a 103% in his class both quarters. For my optional rec letter I was going to have my IB visual arts teacher, who I've had since junior year, write one for me.


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To be a great architect you need multi-disciplinary expertise. You have to be a great engineer, a futurist thinker, a great communicator, someone with unique artistic ability, and someone that wants to make the world a better place.

I would pick a teacher that knows you as a multi-faceted person that can speak to make for your different qualities.

You ultimately have to pick someone that knows you and thinks that your choice in architecture is a wise path for your talents.

Only you can make that decision because you are the only one that knows how much you've shared about your life and aspirations with your teachers.

It would be irresponsible and pointless for a stranger on Collegevine to tell you which one is best since you have only put their job title on the question and haven't discussed anything about your relationship with all three of these teachers.

Good luck.


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