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How much do AP scores matter in comparison to GPA, rigor, and test scores?

Hi! I have been pretty worried about this for a while.

I only have one AP score to report since my school does not offer humanities AP classes. My only consolation is that my other stats are high.

Does anyone have any insight into how much my lack of AP scores will matter? Will it be a red flag for admissions officers, or will they be more lenient due to the unique circumstances this year? Should I give an explanation in additional info, or is it better to just leave it?

Thanks in advance.

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10 months ago

Your AP scores won't matter that much but colleges want to see that you challenged yourself academically with the most rigorous coursework your high school offers. So if your HS only offers 3 AP classes and you took 2 that looks good. But if they offer 12 and you took 2, that doesn't look too good.

I'm confused by your Stats sentence so can you clarify?

a.) What does the equivalent of 7 AP classes mean?

b.) What do 2 above AP classes mean?

c.) How many AP classes did you actually take? (and how many does your school offer?)

d.) How many AP exams did you take?

e.) Is your 4.0 a weighted or unweighted GPA?

Depending on how you answer these, I'll leave a follow-up comment as well.

10 months ago

First of all congrats on the great ACT score and AP test score! Thats awesome!

My biggest tip is to check the admissions blogs of the colleges you're looking at, that's what I have been doing... some schools value them more/less than others!


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