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Ivy League Case Studies of Accepted Students?

Does anyone know where I can view case studies for students accepted to ivy league schools? Like what their stats, extracurriculars, LORs were? I found a few college blogs but was wondering if anyone had any insight on this?

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While I'm not sure about case studies, something that you might find helpful is the class of 2024 profiles for each ivy league school, as they usually show information about SAT/ACT scores and GPA. It's also important to remember that every ivy league is incredibly different in what type of student they're looking for. Unfortunately, most of the class profiles don't include information about the student's extracurriculars.

Cornell class of 2024 (2020 freshmen): http://irp.dpb.cornell.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Profile2020-Freshmen.pdf

Yale class of 2024: https://admissions.yale.edu/sites/default/files/2024classprofileweb.pdf

Dartmouth class of 2024: https://admissions.dartmouth.edu/apply/class-profile-testing

Columbia class of 2024: https://undergrad.admissions.columbia.edu/classprofile/2024

UPenn class of 2024: https://admissions.upenn.edu/admissions-and-financial-aid/what-penn-looks-for/incoming-class-profile

Princeton class of 2024: https://admission.princeton.edu/how-apply/admission-statistics

Harvard class of 2023 statistics (couldn't find official class profile): https://www.thoughtco.com/harvard-university-admissions-787621

Brown class of 2023 statistics (couldn't find official class profile): https://www.thoughtco.com/brown-gpa-sat-and-act-data-786392

However, this data is only for students who decided to attend these schools, not all students who were accepted


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