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a year ago
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What are my chances of getting in without taking plenty of AP classes?

I go to a pretty small school, which only offers 4 AP classes. I've taken all classes, but have had terrible luck. I got a 2 on my APUSH exam because of teacher reasons, and corona practically ruined my chances of doing well on the next 3. I really need to get into UIUC. Help???

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a year ago

I think that it is impressive that you are taking all of your school's available AP courses since that is something most people cannot say they have done. Even if you have a 2 on APUSH, I encourage you to not sweat it and just try to make the best out of the other 3 AP classes. COVID-19 forced the college board to make all AP tests an at home, online 45-minute short response exam which I feel would actually boost your chances of getting good grades for your remaining AP classes. As far as AP courses are concerned, there shouldn't be a reason to feel nervous about UIUC. (but remember that other parts of your file like gpa, sat, act, etc... will also be counted and should not be slacked on!)


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