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What are the expectations to graduating?

I am a Junior and about to be a Senior, I need assistance with my requirements for graduating high school and getting a diploma. I need to know how many credits I need to graduate and what I also need for graduating. I need to make sure I did what I need to do to graduate. Please help me with this, thank you.

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β€’ 12/28/2020 at 04:52PM[edited]

This is something your guidance counselor is there to help you with! After the holidays, try contacting them to set up a meeting or something and discuss what you need to be doing to graduate. Chances are, you're all set as long as you've taken the traditional 4 years of core subjects (english/math/history/science) and maybe some electives! Hope this helped!

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[🎀 AUTHOR]@JustRipoolLuck712/29/2020 at 02:30PM

Thank you. I will do that.

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I am not sure if it depends where you live, it probably does but in New York, it is 44 credits to graduate. I recommend checking with your guidance counselor to see requirements in terms of classes since my school requires me to do a PLTW class which not other schools do for example. State requirements might also play a role so look up on that.

In terms of special requirements like volunteer hours and club credits (my school forces me to do 50 hours of volunteering and some amount of club credits which I forgot), you again, need to ask your guidance counselor.

[🎀 AUTHOR]@JustRipoolLuck712/29/2020 at 02:30PM