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this is what i am planning to do to get into undergrad business programs is this good enough

i am a sophmore so i have time to change what i planning to do

Financial markets and economic blog

intern at a hedge fund or a startup in my state (md)

intern at dept of treasury

student leaders or Americas or Wharton's summer program

worked at a social justice non profit

started an investment club in school or even an endowment (reach)

school prez

started an online ecommerce business

Model Un secretary general or fbla president

trade stocks and option - that includes making trading algos

also would this be a good honors

wall street prep certificate (they have over 200 plus corpoerate clients 100 plus uni clients)

the course teach financial modeling dcf modeling transaction modeling and more

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how do i delete this i did 2 on accident sorry

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9 months ago

These are amazing extracurriculars! However, these are HUGE commitments for already being in sophomore year. I would say pick 6 of these. 1 really impressive one, and the rest are ones that A. Mean something to you, and B. Is relatively less hard to achieve. Then, do either more of these or some others to show well rounded-ness.


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