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what do i write on my personal statement?

I'm applying to two universities through common app and both the majors are sort of different. one is communication and the other is in arts and design? what do I say on my personal essay to talk about myself in a way that would relate both these majors?

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10 months ago

The point of the common app essay is to showcase who you are and what you value. Just because one school is not an art school does not mean you can not write about something art relate and just because the other school is an art school does not mean you have to write about something related to art.

Write about a topic that matters to you and use it to show your good qualities (like responsibility, problem-solving, creativity, etc.) and/or what you value.

There are plenty of qualities and values that would be important no matter what school you are applying to.

Lastly, remember the common app essay is about introducing yourself, so let your personality show through.


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