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what type of classes are prefferable for senior year?

I'm currently in my junior year. I've taken mostly honors classes in my high school career, this year having my first standard class and AP class. I plan on taking 1 AP, 1 dual, and the rest honors for my senior year. But my unweighted GPA is currently 3.69. I feel like it's gonna be super hard to raise it to a 4.0. I don't know if it is worth adding another AP class or trying to maintain high grades in all of my honors classes in order to raise my GPA? Along with the senior experience and the stress of college apps, what would be a challenging but not super stressful set of classes for senior year?

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2 years ago

If you have already taken more than enough AP classes for your target schools already it should be fine, but taking additional AP courses wouldn't hurt your application at all. Especially if they aren't typically hard ones (AP Chem I would avoid unless you love chemistry or will apply for it in college). You should aim to take at MOST 3 AP classes since college apps will also affect the time and effort you could put into your schoolwork.

2 years ago

It’s good to keep with a rigorous course load senior year. It’s better to have a B+ in an AP instead of an A in a regular


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