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When can you confirm that you are really writing great essays? Cause I'm getting both positive and negative feedback.

I wrote one essay that my Chinese counselor thought it was not so good, but my other counselor, a British, thinks it's good enough. I personally felt unsatisfied about both of their opinions or editing on my essay since I don't think it is that helpful or match my expectation. What should I do now? How do I make sure my essay is amazing enough to gain more competitiveness for me in getting into college rather than undermining it.

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9 months ago

So to give my spin on Hanson’s response make sure all of the grammar and spelling is correct. Then verify that you give personal insight along with addressing the prompt. Then determine the “flow” of the essay as in does the stories timeline make sense in the order of events. As in is the progression linear or is it sporadic?

You can do that by doing it yourself then having someone else do it whether a teacher friend parent or the best bet is through the peer essay service.

Then Do you feel confident about it after getting all of the feedback? If not tweak some stuff or even rewrite if need be. Then have it be reviewed again. But if it ready in your sole opinion then submit it.

Also depending on where you are applying to “rushing the essay” while not ideal can work in a pinch. But selective schools definitely need a complete and through essay and as you seem to applying to selective schools make sure you are super confident in the essay.

My final point is your counselors aren’t you and never will be. Make sure to listen them for advice but it is ultimately your essay. So do what you feel best.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

9 months ago

First of all, absolutely no one can determine whether you are ready to submit the essay to the application; that decision must come from the mindfulness of the brain and the passion of the heart—is it the best portrayal of yourself that you are ready to give up to the admissions offices?

Secondly, grammatical errors are a must, if any of the teachers pointed that out, correct it immediately! Next, you must then focus on the “message”, the “tone”, and the “personal statement” instilled within the story you’ve established. Also, does it express a form of “growth”? Each of these things are something you can only decide that it is good. These are very elemental pieces of the personal statement essay writing and can only be generated by you, the creator (no teacher should critique or change this, but they can direct it). This leads me to another thing: what your teachers can check for is the “tone” received from your writing style and the “message” you are hoping to delineate through your writing. Is it positive? Does it express a sense of motivation and growth? Is it YOU? The teacher (or anyone) that knows you best can judge this better.

Finally, you did say that one counselor thought it “was not good” and the other thought it was “good enough”. Neither of these strike me as being “splendid”, so I would suggest putting it through this website peer review and have others (who don’t know you personally) get a glimpse. A diverse reviewing sessions can greatly help your writing!

Hope this helps somewhat! Good luck!!


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