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Are these extracurriculars good if I apply for a managerial/business economics major at top US universities?

I am currently a sophmore at an international school in East Africa. The school I attend is an IB school.

I potentially plan to major in Managerial/Business Economics at top US universities (Harvard, UC Berkely, UChicago, Boston University, etc.)

Currently the extra curriculars I take are:

1) Yearbook - I am one of three leaders of the yearbook club at my school and I plan to conintue the club in my junior and senior years. I started the club as a editor in grade 9 but it was run by seniors only. Hence, with some of my friends we took the intiative to lead the club. It is a new experince for me but it is an acitivity I enjoy.

2) ISSEA Basketball - ISSEA or International Schools of Southern and Eastern Africa is a competitve comptetion that is held every year with schools from around eastern and southern africa. Each school takes only 10 players to represent the school. I have been playing basketball since grade 6 and it is a strong passion of mine. I have paraticpted in one ISSEA Tournament last year, however this years has been canceled due to Covid. However, I will do it in my junior and senior years and hopefully i can build a leadership role in the team or unlock some new parts of my personality. Through this activity i want to show commitment, passion, and potentially leadership.

3) ISSEA Volleball - This is the same kind of competitve tournement as the previous one, however it is for volleyball. I also have a passion for the sport and I have been playing it for a while. The tournement for this year has been cancleed but I will attend next year. Through this activity i want to show commitment, passion, and potentially leadership.

4) Personal Project - The personal project is a chnace given for somphmore students to put into play intative, creativity, self-management, and leardership skills to carry out a project successfully. My project was about Unemployment in my desired country. For the final product I created a webiste that describes the unemployment situation in the country (its causes, how it is effecting the people and growth of the country, and what should be done) and also provides a solution where I have a list of unemployed people from the community I received and layed out on the website so that people can hire them (I wanted to make the connection between and employee and employer seamless).

5) Community Service - I wanted to include a section on my application for just community service. For example I volunteered to help a local school called AZBGC. I volenteered to the activity in grade 9 becayse the cause was to help the schools basketball facility. The school has a basketball court but no kits and shoes. Hence a team of us helped them overcome this situation and we got a chance to visit the school, thier basketball court, and interact with the kids, it was a great experience. Hopefully I can add more CS activites on to the list. (Is it a good idea to have this as one secfion on the collage app?)

What else I plan to add:

1) Model United Nations

2) Economics For Leaders Summer Camp - a summer camp that i can hopefully get into for the summer. The summer camp is not onyl a introduction to econimcs, but it will help me imrpove my leadership skills, particpiate in real life situations and apy economics into everday life. These are good skills for managerial economics. (i plan to attend more summer camps if i can find the right ones)

Are these activites good enough for the those tope unviersites and my potential major. How can I improve them? Do I or how can I get a "spike"?

Also, do I need to fill out all 10 sections of the collage app?

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Hello! You don't need to fill out all 10 activities, however it is strongly recommended.

Yearbook- Good. Pursue top leadership.

The Sports- Great. Pursue leadership.

Great Personal Project! I'm an IB student as well.

Community Service- Great.

Unfortunately, these are not enough to get you into these top schools so I recommend adding 4 more extracurriculars. More economics related, preferably. Best of luck! If you need clarification, feel free to comment under this.

a year ago

Your 5 extracurriculars are nice, however, economics is extremely competitive at top universities. I would suggest starting a stock portfolio to increase your chances in these areas.

a year ago

These are great activities that show diverse interests alongside strong leadership skills! & yes, I do recommend putting in 10 activities :-)

If you are talking about your involvement in the Yearbook Committee & your personal project, you could try to demonstrate how you've exemplified managerial skills, as well as how unemployment links to your interest in the economy (or, how you've applied economics knowledge to your project, the insights you've gained and how it has developed an interest in the area of study)

Also, since your personal project is self-initiated and highlights an interest or gap addressed which others may not have thought of, you could consider putting it higher on your activities list? (Assuming this is the order you're planning to use for your activities list!)

All the best & hope this helped!


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