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Hello, I just submitted applications to Emory and Tufts. On both application status pages, it says that my mid-year report is missing, which I am assuming is my mid year transcript. Does anyone know when this transcript is usually sent to colleges?

BTW, the Tufts wesite said that it was due in february, so I am just making sure ;)

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9 months ago

I believe it is sent by your school counselor once your first marking period grades are available, either after your first semester or trimester is done. If you have quarters, I'm not sure if they send it for the first quarter or wait until the second quarter. If you want to know exactly when your counselor will send it, contact your school.

9 months ago

You could always email admissions if you are worried but if the website says the deadline isn't until February then it shouldn't be a problem. YOU could set a reminder to check closer to the deadline to check and make sure it has been uploaded just in case.


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