10 months ago
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@CameronBameron Appreciation

This is a huge thank you to @CameronBameron for all her help in the CollegeVine Forums: I think she is probably the most helpful person out there, both in quality of answers and stats. In fact, she could do even more if she was a verified expert (hint hint wink wink @CollegeVineSupport). 😎

(This doesn't break the community guidelines).

@CameronBameron10 months ago

Thanks, I'm a girl BTW just happen to be named Cameron. And thanks. Since I got just got into Columbia U. I'm just sticking around to help as many peers as possible get into their dream schools. Sometimes a good nudge or a hint or a big vocal push can make a difference to someone. For me, that was my dad, he told me there is nothing I can't do and I just trusted and believed him. Good luck everyone!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@jeremiahejensen0410 months ago

Sorry, my bad :) Good luck to you as well!

@lij120710 months ago

Woah you just remixed my post :o

[🎤 AUTHOR]@jeremiahejensen0410 months ago

Lol yeah :)

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9 months ago

So this question is currently unanswered so Im posting an answer just to kinda remove it but still Cameron you are superhelpful and Ill be sad next year you cant answer my questions lol.

9 months ago

Even though I do not know much about @CameronBameron, I still think she is a good helper; same as @DebasterMAX I believe they did good and answering almost 1000 questions and helping students that are lost. I would love to do the same here and anywhere.

Thank you =D


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