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Any Tips on getting into USC?

Im a junior and I go to a small catholic school

My gpa is 3.75 unweighted but weighted I’m a 4 and my psat was 1280. I’m in my school’s scholars program, NHS, SHS, as well as a service club and two cultural clubs, however outside of school the commute to home has made me unable to do anything that is actually “outside”. What should I do to brush up?

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2 years ago

What do you mean when you say "outside?" Like, an EC outside of school or literally an EC that is outside? You're in multiple clubs and programs at your school which is good. I'd try to get some leadership positions in those clubs if at all possible because that will look better on your application. Are there any fundraisers or initiatives you could start with your service or cultural clubs? That could be difficult to do right now given everything that's going on but it's something you should look into! If you can't do anything now I would try to do something first thing senior year.

It sounds like your commute would make it hard to volunteer or have an internship so I won't suggest anything there. However, summer is coming up so that's a great time to expand your ECs. What are you passionate about? Or what do you want to do when you get to school? I'd try to align whatever you do over the summer to your interests, at least in some way, so colleges know you're serious about the program you end up applying for.

2 years ago

Honestly to me it seems its all personal stuff now. Try showing interest in the school sign up for the USC news letter and or speak to an admissions officer at USC. Then improve on essays by just practicing. It also might be a good idea to ask for recomendation letters early so you can secure thoughtful letters instead of being one of some odd 25 students asking a teacher for a letter start of senior year or even latter.

Though for ECs you can do something in the community and with LA and the pandemic Id bet there are plenty of NGOs that could use volunteers.

Stay safe and hope this helps!


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