10 months ago
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What course rigor would this be?

Where I live, the universities offer "AP" style classes in the sense that they are college-level courses, give a final exam based out of 5, and can give college credit within the universities participating (it is offered by CB in the region of the world I am from). I know it is not AP nor does it give me college credit in the US. I'm taking this type of class in precalculus, and there is an honors precalculus and a regular college algebra below my class. Should I categorize these as dual enrollment, honors, or AP? Thanks!


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10 months ago

So does it provide HS credit?

If it does then its dual enrollment.

If its just college credit then its in a grey area that would most likely fall under AP but that is super tentative.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask for clarification.


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