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9th grader problem

Hi,I am a 9th grader what do I do to apply to harvard I am an Indian .

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2 years ago

You def don't need to worry about applying to colleges yet—you have a ton of time!!

At this point you should focus on doing well in your classes and getting involved in extracurriculars. Schools like Harvard like to see applicants that have diverse interests and that have been developing those interests for years, so it's a good time to get started. If you're into sports, consider joining a sports team, since that's a great way to show dedication and get a leadership position.

Also definitely keep an open mind about schools, there are sooo many great schools out there that you may never have even heard about. If you like learning about other schools do some research on colleges in your area and try to take tours to get a sense of what college life is like! But again just try to do well in classes (take the hardest classes on offer at your school if you can) and get involved in extracurriculars and most of all HAVE FUN!! High school can be stressful but also you look back on it and wonder where the time went so definitely try to enjoy it :)

a year ago

I would completely disagree with the original responder.

If you want to get into Harvard, you need to start planning in 9th grade.

Havard is the most difficult college to get into in the US. 3.43% admission rate which means that 97% of applicants get rejected. There is no way anyone who has any insight into the rigors of preparing for Harvard would say you have plenty of time, that is utter drivel. During the next 2 to 3 cycles, I expect the rates to drop even further because 1.) more Int'l students like yourself will apply since student VISAs to the US are being relaxed, 2.) a continuation of test-optional policies which unfortunately drive up the number of applications to IVYs and top Elite colleges like Stanford. 3.) And a sheer reluctance of all these top schools to build more capacity either in classrooms or buildings to accommodate more students. With a $42 billion USD endowment, Havard could fund the cost of adding 50% more capacity off the interest or dividends made on these funds but they don't. They have been limiting the number of incoming freshmen to 1650 or so for past decades even though the population has grown by a 1/3rd or more.


To qualify for Harvard you must have 4 years of English, 4 years of Math, 4 years of Science (2 lab sciences), 4 years of a foreign language (not English or an East Indian dialect but something like Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, German) and 3 preferably 4 years of history including US History and Euro History. Once you meet the basics, you should also consider as an international student taking 6-10 IB or AP courses and submitting high marks on the tests. Such classes all available at over 100 Institutions in India. (109)


Take the most challenging classes you can get your hands on and that will help you establish what is called "course rigor". In addition, Harvard expects their "admits" to have what they term as "intellectual curiosity". What this means in practical terms is showing them evidence of your "love of learning" outside of the classroom. This can include the research you've done on your own, add'l college coursework say in advanced STEM classes, internships, academic hobbies or talents or awards, etc.

Academically, I highly recommend you to study for and take either the SAT or ACT. You can begin this summer. Open an account on Khan academy and start your standardized test journey by taking SAT practice tests to see how much you need to work on over the next 2 years prior to taking the actual test. Alternatively, you should also take an ACT practice test as well. There are dozens of practice books available on amazon.com for purchase. Dr.Chungs Math books, College Panda series, Erica Meltzer's reading book, and the Official SAT and Offical ACT books are recommended. Most successful candidates have a Test Score to submit and you should aim for a 1500+ on the SAT or a 34+ on the ACT. Don't worry about SAT Subject Tests or the Essay portion of the SAT and ACT since both these things are being phased out.






Also, you need to get a very high score on the TOEFL or IELTS English test so be well prepared for that.



Getting into a college like Harvard or any other Ivy will not be "fun" and "having fun" is really not going to get you into a great college. That is poor advice.

5 months ago

Well as a 9th grader you don't have to worry about college applications any time soon. So I'd suggest just focusing on your academics then taking whatever tests you need (ex: SAT or ACT) . Also if you do want to get started on college things you could do something as simple as building your lists or just scholarship looking. Definitely keep focusing on your studies and doing your best for future purposes because colleges tend to look at a rising or steady trend in comparison to a declining one. Maybe do some extracurriculars to stand out as well as challenging core classes or even dual enrollment would benefit you later on.


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