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12/30/2020 at 07:55PM[edited]

How do you explain AP Capstone?

I am a senior. I was told that most admissions officers do not know what AP Capstone is. The AP Capstone program requires you to complete AP Research and Seminar and receive a score of 3 or higher in 4 other AP classes. I have received a 3 in Seminar and a 5 in Research and a 4 in Biology and Lang. Right now, I am enrolled in Stat and Lit and will be taking the exam in the spring. How and where do I explain this on my common app if at all? I also wanted to know If I should mention the 5,000-word research paper that earned me a 5 this spring? I completed this through my schools AP Research program and not the traditional independent research done in a college setting. The topic was over Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and I did a Meta-Analysis and interviews over sports protocols and devices and whether or not they are effective. I don't know if I should mention this since I completed it as part of AP Research. Thank you!!

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12/30/2020 at 09:48PM

So this is very 3D I’d expect most admissions officers at selective schools to have a basic understanding of what capstone is and as it is AP capstone then it would further their understanding.

If you feel it’s necessary you can talk about in the additional info section.

Also as AP research seemed to be revolving around medicine and sports medicine in particular if you are intending to major in one of them you should be able to submit the paper as a supplemental material especially if you go into those fields. How to attach it I’m not familiar as I haven’t looked into CommonApp as I’m still a junior but I do know you should be able to do it.

If you can’t attach it for some odd reason mention the topic of the essay in additional info and you should have your AP scores sent and that should communicate what AP capstone is and what your essay/paper is about.

As for mentioning AP Stats and Lit you will be sending a transcript in that will include your current classes.

Really Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’d like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

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[🎤 AUTHOR]@Evie12/30/2020 at 09:59PM

Thank you so much!! That helps a lot, I was really on the fence about mentioning it at all. I am also majoring in neuroscience and want to research in neurodegenerative diseases like CTE. The only problem is that my paper has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal so I wasn't sure if I could put my abstract in the additional info section.

@DebaterMAX12/30/2020 at 10:14PM

I don’t know if the additional info is the place to attach it as in my opinion you should attach all of it. Also AP research is an anomaly compared to other research. It doesn’t need to be peer reviewed as it is an AP course. Peer review really comes into play when you do research by yourself that’s not AP research of done through a university. Hope this helps.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Evie12/30/2020 at 10:26PM

Thank you once again!! I'll add it to my application, and I will try to find a way to upload it on Common App if I cannot then I'll give a summary in my additional info section.

@DebaterMAX12/30/2020 at 10:41PM

Your welcome! Glad I was able to help.

12/31/2020 at 08:13PM

I second Max's answer! Since your paper is relevant to your major, I think you could include this somewhere in your application.

@DebaterMAX12/31/2020 at 09:34PM

Thanks for the recognition:-)